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Hopefully, you got an offer for a faculty position and are ready to start your own lab. Or maybe you did not land a faculty position, but decided to start your own lab anyway like me in “Making my own home” Science (2016) 354:254. Any way you look at it, you have a lot to buy to get started. If you decide to go the startup route, see My Biotech Startup.

These links should be able provide pretty good deals. I use them and hopefully they will work for you too.


  • G-suite from GoogleG-suite lets Google take care of IT while you take care of business. You have Gmail manage your e-mail and use all of the Google productivity apps that you have come to know and love. You get 30GB of drive space per user with the option to purchase more.  The G-suite productivity apps facilitate collaboration and allow everyone to work wherever they are. People can even work on the same document simultaneously, a feature that everyone at Kaplan Schiller likes. To get 20% of your first year e-mail K. Cameron Schiller to get a discount code.



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