Our mission is to help you prepare an academic application package that makes you stand out. After hundreds of applications and numerous revisions, we have found a format that gets attention and consistently results in interviews.

We have written in Science Careers about some of our findings. Our Manual for Preparing a Successful Faculty Application Package explains how to prepare an infographic CV and gives you other tips to make a competitive CV. We also offer seminars.


What Makes a Competitive Faculty Application Package? Science Careers 2013

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Fatma, I just thought that you would like to know this. I applied to a faculty position, got my on-campus interview, and got the offer. I’ll be an assistant professor at Michigan State University. I used many of your ideas, including the infographics, and it obviously had a very positive impact on my application. I wanted to thank you for the tips. Best, Ricardo Majia-Alvarez, April 2016

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